Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I usually try to post at least once a week, but I haven't been doing that lately and I apologize! Life has been kind of hectic for me for the past couple of weeks, and I have not been able to give my hair the baby treatment as I usually do! Lol, but in the past weeks I have flat ironed, which lasted for about a week and a half, and then I did two strand twists again last Sunday. I might take them out tomorrow, even though I'm sure they could probably last for the whole week, we'll see. Anyway, I don't have my camera, so I won't be able to post any pics! Which I know sucks majorly, but I will be purchasing a new camera soon, so all my pics will be nice and crisp.

I am going to start posting tutorials, in which I do my styling so any of you naturals, or transitioners, or even relaxed ladies (depending on the style), can see the steps in which I do particular styles, and do them for yourselves, or just use it an idea to form your own styles.

I will also try to keep updates on how my growth is going with the use of my cayenne pepper treatments. 

Thanks for the support, and keep following, or start if you are not already! Please post any comments, ideas, or questions!

Until Next Time, HHG to All! Naomi <3

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