Friday, August 6, 2010

Homemade Coconut Leave In Conditioner & Bantu Knot Out

 A couple of days ago ago was my cowash day, before cowashing or shampooing, I always do a cayenne pepper treatment (for growth), and then I cowash. I detangle while cowashing, it is the only time I detangle, as I cannot do so on dry hair, as I'll end up ripping my hair out! I oiled my scalp using my favorite oil mixture of Lavender JBCO and Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil (ABUHO) (usually it would also contain Home Health Castor Oil, which is regular Castor Oil, but I was out of it at the time) then it was time to decide what low manipulation style I wanted to do. Since I had not done Bantu Knots in a long time, I decided that that was what I was going to do.

 I discovered Bantu Knots( also called Chiney Bumps) back when I was still relaxed. It gave me the curly/wavy look without having to use rollers, or a hot curler. The reason the hair curls, is because of the method of which the knots are created.

You take a 'strand' of hair, and you twist it (not two strands), but all together twirl it around, I use my finger to twirl, it's easier that way, at least in my opinion. and then you wrap the hair around itself to form a little knot.

 Like this

Now that part was tricky when I was still learning, what really helped me, is of course is practice, but also watching tutorials on youtube. The one video that truly helped ME was a tutorial (how to bantu knot) by crownofHisglory. Her video's are great, and are really helpful!

After oiling my scalp, I used my Homemade Coconut Leave in to moisturize, and Shea Butter to seal.

The problem I encountered, the next morning, was realizing that my hair had not fully dried. I believe I kept them in overnight for about 8 hours or so. It could have been the size of the knots that caused them to dry slower than expected, but I prefer them that way, because my hair tangles when they are small, and that can form single strand knots, which I do not need!

It also could be that the combination of using my coconut leave in, and shea butter, made my hair too heavy. I sprayed the leave in, and then sealed with the shea butter. My hair was very oily when I took my knots out.

Here's how they looked when I unraveled them

Then with my fingers I separated the knots, again because they were not fully dry, my hair did not curl/wave like I wanted it to.

So I added a headband!

Next time, I will not use Shea butter on top of my Homemade Coconut Leave in, because that already contains oils, which could be the reason as to why my hair did not dry fully, as well as it being a bit oily to the touch.

This style is an easy low manipulation style, that generally lasts me 2-3 days. It could last longer if I slept better! Definitely one of my go-to styles.

I'm into my second day of the style, and will wear it for a third time, before wash day this Sunday.

I'm still in love with my leave in, it just can't be combined with any other products, or spray too much, as it contains oil, which is why I call it a moisturizer & sealer in a bottle!

This is not my best Bantu Knot Out, but I hope this still encourages you guys to try this style for yourself. (It also looks great on relaxed hair! Not just for the natural ladies!)

Until Next Time, Naomi~


  1. Your hair is growing Naomi and it is thickening too, awesomeness. You have a nice fro going on there ;).

  2. Thanks Leen! The Castor oil is helping a lot!

    I'm so sorry for the late comments!


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