Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feature February!

Hey All!

I have not been posting really because I figured that I had nothing to post about; that is until my lovely sister suggested I post pictures of the styles I have been doing with my Yarn braids. So whenever I do something new or cute, I will be posting.

In other news, I will start doing Features! Since I will be showing my styles, why not share the stories and styles of all you other Kinkies out there! My first feature will be a special surprise guest.

If you would like to be featured on my blog please email  me at beautifulkinks@gmail.com, with the subject line Feature February. I would like to do 1-2 features a week. If possible please send pictures of your hair when you first BC'ed (Big Chopped), and (if you transitioning) your hair now.though the more pics the merrier! In the body of the email just state where you're from, whether you follow Andre or LOIS system, and if so, what do you classify your hair as.

I will try to vary the questions I ask, so once I get your info, then I will send your questions, and we will will take it from there!


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