Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Years!

Hey All!

I know I am 5 days late, but I wanted to Happy New Year anyway! (Lol) In my defense, I think you can say it until the second week of January (LOL). I hope everyone enjoyed their New Years Eve. I got to enjoy some fireworks off by the Harbor, so that was nice, other than that I cuddled up. Next year, I am partying!

As for hair plans...I have none! Usually I would be leading some kind of challenge on BHP, but I am not sure if I have it in me this year. I want to, but there is a deadline, we will see. I will have these Yarn Braids until February. Everything is up in the air from that point on. I would like to get back to hairdrenaline for growth, but even that has become a chore.

Crossing my fingers for a recovery in my attitude towards hair this year! 

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