Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Break Down of Healthy Hair Care- Pyramid Form

Hey All!

I was browsing topics on one of my favorite forums, BHP, and ran into this awesome thread.

It basically was a breakdown of how new naturals, or people starting over their HHJ (Healthy Hair Journey) could know what to do, and how much to do it. Makes building a regimen super easy.

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This is just about the best breakdown that you could ever get. Personally when my hair isn't in braids, I don't necessarily moisturize & seal everyday, that's more of an every other day kind of thing, but everyone is different. You'll have to learn your hair and see what works for you and make adjustments.

Also I do protective styles seasonally. Meaning, two months for the summer, and most of the time two months out of winter. Summer simply because it's hot, and I don't like fooling with my hair, and winter because of holiday season. That's what works for me. I definitely try to use flat irons occassionaly, at most once of the month, but I am guilty of using heat when I wear a puff, because even though I've been natural for going on 4 years, I still can't stand shrinkage. 

I thought this was good stuff so  I definitely wanted to pass it on!



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