Saturday, August 31, 2013


Hey All!

I'm sure you all have seen the commercials on TV. If not Bosley is this hair restoration company that helps restore people who suffer from forms of alopecia, or balding. I have always wondered about the cost of the procedure, and how exactly it worked, but now I'm too frustrated with them to find out. Lol.

I scheduled an appointment with them, and forgot to go. They called and I set up another appointment. I had intentions for a vacation to New York for close to two weeks, so to be polite I call back and try to cancel the appointment. They ask if I would like to reschedule, I reply no being that I was not sure what date I would be back, especially with school coming up (Yes y'all, I's in college now. I'm going to be educated! Lol.) so I simply said that I would call back myself when I felt I was able to.

Why are these people calling me once a week talking about rescheduling. I almost cursed somebody out today, but I had to remind myself they are just doing their job. I may schedule eventually, but I feel like they are pressuring me, Bosley, why do you have to be so pushy?!

Just something random I have going on with me. Oh, and the Yarn Braids are out. I feel bald headed, but it feels nice to be able to wash my hair.

Will be back with some stuff. I really want to try to be consistent with you all. Bear with me!


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