Monday, May 3, 2010

Cayenne Pepper Challenge (Part 2)

As you all know, I have a Cayenne Pepper Challenge on Black Hair Planet. part 1 began January 1st, and ended March 1st. The challenge requires participants to use ground cayenne pepper (must be ground cayenne pepper, oil is not an option) in a paste, using anything they so chose, water I feel is the best option, but oils are good too, the are to put the paste in an area where they feel needs growth, and leave it on for a minimum of 30 minutes, although I feel the longer, the better, for at least 2 times a week.  Pretty simple, you can do it while prepooing, or do it before cowashing or shampooing, but I definitely recommend doing either or after using cayenne as it helps it get all of the pepper out of your hair and scalp. The mixture does tingle, but to me it is a sign that is working.

Anyway, since I have more participants, I decided to go ahead and start the challenge again. It began April 1st, and check is the 1st of every month it ends in . We recently had check in, and I thought it would be cool to let you guys see how it has been working out.( Part 1 of Cayenne Pepper Challenge) 

Until Next Time, HHG to All! Naomi <3

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