Thursday, May 6, 2010

Review and Results of using Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel

I have tried shingling with cheap dollar store gel, and it left my hair a stiff mess. Now that I know I am to add moisture in my hair like an oil or a leave in, that could have then the reason it turned out crunchy, but it also turned out flaky, and I am sure it would have still turned out flaky.

Everyone has always compared Eco Styler Gel, with Kinky Curly Curing Custard, so I wanted to give it a try myself. I went out to CVS and purchased a 32 ounce tub of Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel, (for 4.99) because I felt that it would dry my hair out a bit less than one without it. I went to a Beauty Supply Store, and found  that the same one I had cost 3.49, so I would look around before buying it somewhere, because it is priced differently, depending where you go.
It does not have a very pungent scent, which is pleasant. It was thicker in texture/density, than I thought it would have been, but it was not very hard to distribute. It gave me great curl definition, but, not air drying could be the reason my hair came out slightly crunchy, and maybe not as elongated, or simply me not adding moisture to the top layer,  and drying with a blow dryer. I am going to try again sometime soon and test my theory.

I think Eco Styler Gel is an awesome alternative for those cannot afford KCCC, or are simply on a tight budget, (and people like me who cannot bring themselves to spend 20 dollars on one product) (lol). 

4.5/5- I am going to try it another time to see if I like it any better by air drying.

Until Next Time, HHG to All! Naomi <3

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