Thursday, May 20, 2010

Coconut Milk for Moisture

I know the idea of using Coconut Milk for your hair is a bit out there, but I thought, since Coconut Oil is so moisturizing, why can't the milk be? So last week in the supermarket I decided to grab a can of Coconut Milk, can't remember what brand I used.

Anyway I was really eager to try it so I decided to incorporate it in my wash day, to mix with my deep conditioner. I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but since Coconut Milk is a liquid, it made my deep conditioner a bit runny. So in all honesty I could not truly say that I had fabulous results from using it with my deep conditioner. My hair felt stronger though.

I used it again as a leave in, again, drippy, so I mixed it with conditioner, this is all after sealing with Africa's Best Ultimate Oil, and put my plaits in. Results were posted in last entry, my hair came out super soft, and shiny, could have been the oil, or the milk, or the combination, who knows, but I think it is great as a leave in!

I used it again as a leave in, after sealing, mixed with VO5 Free Me Freesia, and just pinned my hair in three sections, as I had errands to run today, and tossed on a hat. I have also taken a nap with no scarf or bonnet, and my hair still feels soft and moist.

It is definitely something to try if you are willing to experiment! I love it, so it will become a part of my regimen!

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