Friday, May 7, 2010

First Pony!

I have been natural for close to 7 months now, and have never been able to catch it all in  pony tail.

Yesterday, I was in a rush to get ready, and had not done anything with my hair the night before but slap some LJBCO on my scalp. So I rinsed my hair in the shower yesterday morning, and made a side part, and put some Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel, throughout my hair, and brushed to slick it down and put it in a little pony, with the ends tucked! I am so pleased! 

The gel shows off my natural pattern!  It did dry hard, but that could be because I did not add any moisture to my hair before applying, but I like it because it lets me be able to wear it again without having to apply any gel or other products. All I did was put on a satin bonnet last night, and it looks the same as it did yesterday, will be rocking the pony again today!

I finally found a simple PROTECTIVE style. Before, the only protective styling I could do was wear individual/box braids (which I do myself) with extensions, and Kinky twists.

I Just wanted to share my good news with you all!

Until Next Time, HHG to All! Naomi <3

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