Saturday, March 20, 2010

Flat Iron, and Mini Product Review

After taking out my kinky twists last Saturday, I decided to flat iron my hair, using my Power IQ Mini Mojo Tourmaline Ceramic flat iron. Used Organic Root Stimulator Moisturizing Olive Oil Lotion as a heat protectant.

  Results: (didn't like the way this pic came out, which is why face is boxed off)

I decided  to seal I believe either Tuesday or Wednesday, and tried out a new oil a just purchased, Africa's Best Herbal Oil, that I purchased for $2.99 at CVS, which happens to have a lovely scent, and is loaded with all natural oils, can be used to seal, to prepoo, as deep conditioner, or even for skin! It's amazing! Left my hair shiny. Can't wait to try it on my hair in it's natural state.

Anyway, I decided to seal again on Thursday, because my hair hair, well more so my ends felt dry. So I tried another product I purchased recently, Softee Mango Butter, for about $1.50 at a BSS (Beauty Supply Store).  Natural ingredients, except for Petroleum, which is listed as the first ingredient. But anyway, it did smell of mango, but it's consistency was exactly that of Petroleum or Vasaline, which I did not mind much, it also gave my hair a nice shine, not sure if it is a mixture of the oil, and this product, but after using this, I found that my hair is a bit oily. I think I will be using the Mango butter as a heat protectant.

So I plan, on doing a Cayenne Pepper Treatment, using ground cayenne, water, and possibly paprika, then wash and using my Frederic Fekkai Samples from the Brilliant Glossing Collection (the Shampoo, and Conditioner), and my Redken CurlWise 14 Sample, Tomorrow or Sunday. We Shall See. Oh and I will probably Deep Condition with Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner, following the Fekkai samples, and seal with LJBCO. (Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil) Hair day is a busy day lol.

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