Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two Strand Twist out Results

I did super tiny two strand twists last Saturday, and decided to untwist them today. I was planning on doing a prepoo subsequently. But I liked the way it looked, so I kept it for the look of today. I did not use any products to untwist, just used my fingers, and slapped a headband on, and the results were that in the picture.

I ordered the Ion Color Brilliance Spray Bottle and  Sally's Wide Tip Color Applicator Bottle, of course they take forever to get here, well, at least in my opinion. So the applicator is what I expected, I like that it has the liquid level on the side, so measurements are done easily. I am not too sure if I like the spray bottle though, the tip screws off, so it's really a cap, and the spray is not really forceful, it kind of just comes out in glops, but I only tried it out with water, so I suppose we'll see.

What really ticked me off is that I also ordered Roux Mendex conditioner, which was 99 cents, which is why I jumped at the chance to purchase it, even though I have not used it before, purely the junkie in me lol. Anyway, order gets here, and it is not in the package, but it it's place is two sample packets Miracle 7 Color Protect Shampoo. (Didn't even have the nerve to send me the conditioner) I was not charged for it, but in the payment sheet, it stated that the item was not available in their warehouse, and is no longer offered on their website, I have got to say, that I am a little bummed, because I was looking forward to trying it out, but I guess I'll be trying out the shampoo next wash day.

Until Next time, HHG to all! Naomi <3

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