Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shealoe (Melt & Blend Method)

Hey All!

Yes I did say Shealoe! It is a mixture of regular (unprocessed) Shea Butter, mixed with either Aloe Vera Gel or Juice. Hence, the name.

I made mine using Aloe Vera Gel.

If you are looking for a moisturizer or something that will be good for hairstyling, (two strand twists, bantu knot outs, twist/braid outs) this is it!

I am definitely not the first person to think of this recipe, but I have been wanting to try it for some time. Mainly because you can make it yourself, and it is all natural, which is the best part! I am really getting into making my own products, I love knowing what is in my products, and being about to try new recipes, and of course share with you all!

Anyway, moving along, many people who make Shealoe, will add AVG to their desired amount, and then blend the two, so it will have a nice whipped buttery texture. Some may like it a bit looser but that is all up to the persons discretion.

I did not use this method. I had to do the Melt & Blend method, since I do not own a blender or a hand mixer.

I used the 8oz clear tub thingy my Shea Butter came in before. I purchased a 16oz block this time around, so that is why I was able to split it up. I used 4oz of Aloe Vera Gel, and 4oz of Shea Butter.

(In case you are wondering, I buy my Shea Butter from ebay. this is my second time buying from this person, their Shea comes from Halo's Soaps and Bars, they also make natural soaps, with different scents and flavors if you will. The Shea is of good quality, not crumbly, softens easily, smells nutty, as it should, and she delivers quickly! I purchased my Shea Butter on a Monday, and received it on Thursday. Oh, and I would like to add that it was very reasonably priced, altogether for the Shea plus shipping and handling, it came out to $10.50.)

I used the microwave to soften the butter, no more than 10 seconds at a time, just enough to loosen the texture, and then add the aloe.

Here is how it came out

I repeated this process probably around 5-8 times I cannot remember how many exactly.

I heated it a bit too much at some point and it became a pool of Aloe & Shea.....

so I put it in the freezer for about 20 mins, checking and mixing it every 5 minutes.

I think I may have popped it in the microwave maybe 3 more times after to make sure it was the right texture, and then it was all done. I would say it took me about an hour to complete. Here is the finished product ( I let it sit for a while before taking the pic, so it hardened a bit)

Like I said before, it is great for simply moisturizing your hair, or to use for styling. It also leaves my hair feeling nice and soft!

The only thing about the Melt & Blend method I do not like is that I have to keep melting and blending so I can get that pudding texture I need for the Shea and Aloe to be fully mixed. Just for 5 seconds though , so it is not too bad.

Also keep in mind that it also can be deceiving! It may look like a little bit, but it is a lot, I over estimated the amount of Shealoe I used in my hair, and I had to go cowash! As it does not take much for me to get buildup. Of course it get's a 5/5 from me!

So that was my experience with Shealoe.  I love it to pieces, I would like to whip it next time though, so I guess I will have to invest in a blender or hand mixer.



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