Friday, February 25, 2011

Twist Out Results Using Shealoe

Hey All!

As you guys know, I made my first batch of Shealoe (a mixture of Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Gel or Juice. I made mine with the Gel) not too long ago, and to tell you the truth...I love it!

It works amazingly for definition, for low manipulation styles like Twist or Braid Outs, also for Bantu Knot outs and two strand twists. It has a way of giving hair a nice sheen as well as allowing it to retain moisture for days at a time, which I for one, love! My hair does not like to be moisturized daily. Trust me, I have tried. Which is why I say, everyone's hair is different!

My only gripe is that it is hard to tell how much to use, because if you use to much, it will stick to your strands rather than blending, and being absorbed.

My favorite style to use my shealoe for is twist outs, it could be my length at this time, but this is my go to style.

I do 12 twists, 6 on each side, oil my scalp with my JBCO mixture, and then use my leave in of choice, usually for twist outs, I like to keep it light, so I use my Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Reconstructurizer.
I always secure my ends with one my (cold wave) perm rods, to make sure that the ends are uniform with the rest of my hair. My hair is too long for the yellow 5/16th inch rods, so they are perfect on my ends.
The Shealoe comes into play, just before twisting, as I use it as a sealant. I keep my twist overnight and cover my hair with my satin bonnet/scarf, and untwist in the morning.

Here are the results

Here is a mini comparison twist comparison.

March 2010
February 2011

I hope I conveyed how great Shealoe is! So I encourage you to try it!


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