Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding Hair

Hey All!

Wedding hair comes to mind, because I myself will be walking down the aisle on the 27th of this month!

Even talking about it gets me nervous!

I have been going through a big my mind, about how I will be wearing my hair. Whether I will wear what is to be considered a "natural" style, or straigtened? Weave or no weave? Done myself or professionally?

Those are the main questions that have been floating around my mind, and I still have not decided. I have narrowed it down though, Fiance delibritly asked that I do not get braids. He is not a big fan of weave, he always complains when I braid or twists my hair with extensions. So I will not be doing that, although it is the most conveinient of styles, as I can get it done a week prior to the wedding, and not have to stress about wetting my hair or ruining my style.

As of now, I am leaning more towards doing a rod set, which is one of my absolute favorite styles. Although honestly, I cannot see myself paying someone to do. At least not what these Natural Salons (salons that cater to those with natural hair) charge. But we will see, I may want to spoil myself and go for it anyway.

A part of me wants to keep whatever style I do a "natural style", so I feel that I am giving my fiance a honest version of myself. Hope that makes sense (lol). Another reason is that there is beautiful natural styles now of days, now that natural hair is becoming more the norm.

A thought that has also been floating around, is geting a "Domincan Blow Out", at a Domincan Salon. They use magnetic rollers to stretch the hair, and then straighten your hair with a round brush, along with a professional dryer with a nozzle attachment. The direct the heat to our roots, and then along the length of your hair.

It leaves your hair extremely straight, without the use of a relaxer, but the only issue that lies is that it requires a lot of heat. Although it would heed to my need of wanting to see my length. Stretching strands is not doing it for me!

So as you all can see, I am torn! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



  1. You will look beautiful wearing any hair style.


  2. WOW! Married this month huh!? Super I had no idea..Well I would be totally stumped as to what to do with my hair for such a big day, I'm having a hard enough time picking a style for a nice V-day. Girl I can't help ya cause all those questions you posted has me wonderin, What would be the best hair doo? Goodluck and keep us posted on what ya decide:-) Congrats!

  3. My heart says....ask him! Granted he doesn't want to see you in braids, what style does he want to see you wear? How does he respond when you wear the rod set? Which style has he made the most comments about? Which style, if you can remember, does he stare at you with awe, granted he probably always does. Unless, you've been acting like Bridezilla!! LOL.

    hair .|. finance .|. womanhood

  4. Thanks for you're input guys! Still yet to decide. DF, hasn't really expressed a like towards any of my usual styles, or at least I haven't noticed, so we'll see!

    This wedding stuff is driving me crazy! (I like your blog Kay! Subbing...)


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