Monday, February 28, 2011

Beautiful Kinks 1 Year Anniversary!

Hey All!

I have been a bit busy this past week, with final wedding preparations and what have you, but all of that is done now, because I got married on the 27th! I had to figure out my hair last minute, which is a story in itself, but I had a ball!

Funny enough, that date exactly when I first started this blog! It started out a bit bumpy, but I hope now my articles are a bit better! lol

I really just wanted to share, and to thank you all for all of your support! I am going to try my best to keep you guys updated on my natural hair journey and whatever new discoveries I come across!


  1. Congrats! On your one year anniversary and getting married. I'm sure you had a grand old time I hope you will post some pictures of what your final decision was on your hair style.

  2. Thanks Augusta! That really means a lot. Funny that its the same day. I just did a side parted pin up, kept it simple, kind of because I had to! I only had 30 mins to do my hair! Pics are in Wedding Post, also on curly nikki


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