Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Got It!

Hey All!

Today I am super excited because I finally ordered the Maxius MAXIglide Xpress (flat iron), I have had my eye on since forever! Well technically it's not since I originally wanted the MAXIglide MP but the only difference between the two, is that besides the detangling plated, it also came with regular flat plates.  But since I am getting it for the detangling plates, and steam burst technology, which is suppose to help hydrate the hair while flat ironing. The plates are 1 1/4". The iron is part of a Premiere Set that features a DVD on how to operate the iron, 2 sectioning clips, a detangling brush, and a traveling case.

The reason why I have wanted to try this iron, is because every time I flat iron my hair, my roots would be straight, but my ends would look a mess! For some reason, I could never get them straight, and although I am natural, I like my hair to be bone straight whenever I decide to wear my hair that way.

So the detangling plates are suppose to really help get the hair straight all the way through, what is also great about it is the price.
The cheapest I saw the XP model go for was about $89.95, and the MP around $69.95. (Prices all excluding Shipping)

I ordered the Xpress model for $49.95 USD from HSN.Com . They even give you the option of making 2 payments of $24.97. (A video on how the iron works, is on the site, click on link for video, it will be on the side panel)

Shipping was not too expensive either, Standard 10 day Shipping runs $6.21, and Xpress 4 day Shipping, which I got, was $9.71, so altogether I paid $59.66. Which I think is quite decent considering most "good" irons can run you anywhere between $65-200, depending on preference and brand.

I chose quicker shipping because I plan on flat ironing in April (or last day of March), close to my 1 year 6 month mark, and probably again for my 2 year natural anniversary.

Whenever I do flat iron, I will be sure to post pics, I may start doing video soon as well, so we'll see!

Anyway I just wanted to share!


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