Friday, March 4, 2011

Natural Bride

 Hey All!

Remember I mentioned wedding hair..well believe me, it didn't come out how I planned!

I had my heart set on doing a rod set using my perm rods, but everyone insisted I get my hair professionally done. I played with the idea of not only getting it done, but perhaps straightening it!

I finally decided to go with it after I got my nails done, and everyone told me I should not do my hair because I might mess up my nails. To the powers that be, the salon I intended to visit day of did not come through, their stylist was not there! So within 30 minutes of hopping in the limo to the ceremony, I had to do I quick style, I did have help from my Mother, and Mother-In-Law, though. I blew out my hair to get rid of some shrinkage, and did a side sweep pin up. My hair did not come out how I wanted, but I still had a blast!

Oh and I would like to add that my make up was done by Mrs. Ashely Callaway! My day wouldn't have been as special without her, she does freelance, so if you are interested in her work shoot her a message at



  1. Well it sure does suck when you run into problems on such a big and important day I've known other women to run into similar problems. Either way your hair came out just fine and you had a blast! It looks great very nice pic.

  2. Thanks. Yeah I had a couple of kinks, but it worked out in the end.


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