Friday, March 25, 2011

Simple Lazy Hair Style

Hey All!

I have gotten pretty lazy on the hair front, so I am still rocking a rod set from Monday. To get some extra life out of it, when it starts looking matted/flat, I turn to my new love...hats!

They are like the beenie kind, and what I do is create a bang with my hair in front, by taking it from one side, pulling it down in front, and tucking the ends back into my hat. No need for bobby pins.

Here's how it looks...

Just to give you all an idea!

Oh and I got my MAXIglide in the mail!
Everything works except for that stupid Styling DVD that came with it, my pc refuses to read the disc, so that was a waste, but hopefully I am not missing much.

I will be about 6 months since my last flat iron in October 10'. I'm excited to see how many inches I've retained, it's one thing to pull a strand and see where it reaches, but another to see your full length stretched out out.

I'm hoping I'm really close to reaching APL, and maybe only a 1-2 inches off, since my goal is to reach APL by May/June. So I hope I haven't been doing these protective styles for nothing!

My hair grows in layers, so I'm really only looking for my longest layer to reach APL, and I'm hoping the rest of my hair plays catch up.

If I give in and flat iron sooner I will let you guys know! Stay Posted!


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