Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What is Hair Porosity?

Hey All!

Well I have recently learned about Hair Porosity and wanted to share with you guys.

 Hair Porosity is just a fancy term to describe how quickly water or moisture can pass through your hair. So basically how well (and fast) your hair can absorb moisture.

High Porosity
Is the cause of damaged hair. It cannot hold retain moisture due to holes in the hair shaft. Meaning the moisture escapes just as quickly as it absorbs, Which explains why those with High Porosity hair feels the need to moisturize constantly. Damage can be caused from doing Chemical Treatments such as relaxers, mistreatment, etc.
Symptoms: Hair is always dry, will feel moisturized at first but will not stay moisturized no matter how often you use it.

Normal Porosity 
Is able to retain and absorb moisture. This type of hair also prevents too much moisture from entering the follicle. This hair is very healthy!

Low Porosity
Has a harder time absorbing moisture but once in, it is able to retain it.  This type of hair is also considered healthy.
Symptoms: Repels water when trying to wet it (hard time absorbing water/moisture), has a hard time "taking" Chemical processes, such as relaxing, coloring, etc. 

How can you tell, do a strand test! Take a single strand of hair, either by pulling or cutting it out (not a chunk! but a single (1) strand) and place it in a cup/bowl of water.

If it....

Floats, you have Low Porosity

Sinks, you have High Porosity

Floats/Bobs, you have Normal Porosity

I did the test, and as it turns out, I have low porosity. I am not surprised, I stopped moisturizing and sealing daily because product would just sit on my hair. Now I know why!

Crappy Pic I know, but if you look close enough you can see the hair. Just to give you all an idea of how to do it.

To correct High Porosity you can try
Protein Treatments-You need protein for balance, try doing a hard protein like mayo and or eggs, as protein fills in holes on the cuticle, it also makes the hair feel strong
Henna Treatments-This helps fill in gaps that high porosity hair has as it acts like a protein
Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Rinses - Helps seal the cuticle, allowing it to absorb and retain moisture better, it also gives hair a nice shine.

I thought this was good information to share, so I hope it helps!


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